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AWA Organization for Sustainable Development

A unique powerful Non-Governmental Organization that serves the purposes of reducing poverty, creating an equal society, improving sustainability, and strengthening institutions by bringing together public and private entities to discuss and promote ideas to support innovation in research on socio-economic and policy development. AWA brings together individuals and organizations across the public, private and voluntary sectors to discuss and promote ideas, knowledge and solutions to achieve AWA’s aim to support innovative actions, research, and policy development related to social development and sustainability in the developing countries. If you like to join us, please Contact Us via [email protected]


What We Do

Social Safety Net Program

One of the objectives of Social Safety Net Program in KRI is to enable poor people to become self-employed by providing them with social support, financial services and information. with the UNDP supports, AWA to formulate a comprehensive institutional and operational guideline for the microfinance business model. Including SOP development, with capacity building activities in line with the recommended models.

Refugee Investment Matchmaking Platform (RIMP)

The “Refugee Investment and Matchmaking Platform” (RIMP) is a World Bank Group (WBG) project which seeks to mobilize the private sector in support of refugees and their host communities through several channels. AWA's work is to support RIMP’s work with refugee-related firms to boost their capacity for backward-forward linkages.

A Market Assessment on the State of Affairs of CSOs in Iraq

Under the Sponsorship of GIZ Iraq, A market assessment is conducted on the state of affairs of civil society organisations (CSO) in Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. The study identifies all relevant CSOs, define their mandate in the Iraqi context and their legal background. The purpose is to understand this segment in order to be able to work with local CSOs


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A sustainable recovery from COVID-19

A sustainable recovery from COVID-19: final report lists key recommendations to move beyond the pandemic

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