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Social Safety Net Program

One of the objectives of Social Safety Net Program in KRI is to enable poor people to become self-employed by providing them with social support, financial services and information. with the UNDP supports, AWA to formulate a comprehensive institutional and operational guideline for the microfinance business model. Including SOP development, with capacity building activities in line with the recommended models.

Refugee Investment Matchmaking Platform (RIMP)

The “Refugee Investment and Matchmaking Platform” (RIMP) is a World Bank Group (WBG) project which seeks to mobilize the private sector in support of refugees and their host communities through several channels. AWA's work is to support RIMP’s work with refugee-related firms to boost their capacity for backward-forward linkages.

A Market Assessment on the State of Affairs of CSOs in Iraq

Under the Sponsorship of GIZ Iraq, A market assessment is conducted on the state of affairs of civil society organisations (CSO) in Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. The study identifies all relevant CSOs, define their mandate in the Iraqi context and their legal background. The purpose is to understand this segment in order to be able to work with local CSOs

Policy Development- 2030 Vision for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

UNDP developed a project document on support Iraqi government on SDGs implementation and monitoring based on the findings of concentration with Iraqi stakeholders exploring pathways in advancing the Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goal AWA'a executive director has participated in the project as a national consultant to develop the 2030 Vision of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Capacity Building

We provide training in coordination with MSELECT to business, NGOs, Government, etc. - Technical Report Writing - Policy Writing - Proposal Writing - Feasibility Study - Negotiation Skills - Facilitation Skills for HR, and more

Digital Technology Market Systems Research

As a part of a program called Youth-Oriented Innovative Employment and Livelihoods towards Durable Solutions (YIELDS) in urban areas in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil governorates. AWA organization in coordination with MSELECT conducts a market system research for Mercy Corps. The overall objective of this market systems research is to understand the opportunities and gaps available from the digital technology market system value chain.

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